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Wen things go wrong
May 12, 2010 By premsameer

Wen things go wrong… Wen sadness fills ur heart… wen tears flow in ur eyes… always remember 3 things 1) I’m with u… 2) Still with u… 3) Will ALWAYS b…

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Tomorrow Is Very Important In Our Life. Tomorrow Is Only For That Person. Who Sacrifice Her Life, Her Happiness And All Her Time Only For Us. DO U Know Whats Tomorrow. Tomorrow Is Mother Day. You Must Be Wished Ur Mother. You Must Say To Her I Love U Mother, Mom I M Incomplete Without […]

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I luv u mom
May 8, 2010 By simran

I luv u mom having u makes me feel safe & calm I miss u mom Missing touches 2 my face with ur chapped palm u r the greatest because u r my mom

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What When Why
May 2, 2010 By woolgather

3 guys named WHAT, WHY, WHEN were talkin WHAT: WHY what r u doing? WHY: i dont know what iam doing. WHAT:why? WHY: why r u caling me? what? WHAT: now why did u cal me? WHY: what! When did i cal u? WHEN: what is ur problem why r u callin me? WHY: what? […]